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Terms of use

ARTICLE 1: General

We are asking you, to introduce yourself with the current valid terms and conditions and other legal notices.

This terms and conditions covers determination or defining rights, obligations, commitments and responsibilities between CARGOTRANS and the user of this site.

With the registration and when using electronic services of CARGOTRANS you are liable to the current Terms & Conditions. You accept that you have read them and that you will be bound to them.

We recommend you to either print them or save them on your hard disk, because they serve as a proof at argumentation arising from limitation of meeting obligation.

ARTICLE 2: Description of services

Registration to use electronic services of CARGOTRANS and listing and use of Members Directory is always considered to be Free of charge.

Non-payable services are also setting and receiving available offers to your e-mail. (Truck offers with TransNet exchange and Cargo offers with CargoNet exchange service).

Offers entered in the exchanges are for the purpose of consultation and realization of the deal between the FREIGHT FORWARDER and the HAULIER.

CARGOTRANS reserve the right to change, modify or update current Terms and Conditions, the design, the content of this web site and to add new free or payable services at anytime, without a prior notice to the user. For the day when changes are made, is considered to be the day when they are published on this site. But with no obligation to pay for past use or future use, if user does not agree to pay.

ARTICLE 3: Subject 

CARGOTRANS offers to user the right to use electronic services of advertising and viewing unlimited cargo and truck offers (transportation by land) 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, after the successful registration and on the base of frequently prepayment being done for the use of Freight or/and Vehicle exchange services.

But CARGOTRANS may not work at the end of weeks and when the necessary work is being done on the server or for other technical reasons in which CARGOTRANS has no influence.

ARTICLE 4: The usage and method of payment  

If you would like to use all services of CARGOTRANS - either CargoNet or TransNet you would have to make pre-payment for a fixed period time. When your account is expired the usage will be disabled automatically, unless the user would make pre-payment 24 hours before the expiration. Method of payment we offer is bank transfer. We accept check as well. We do not offer credit card payment in the present time. 

If you received a Free of charge cuopon, it is our obligation to folow the described words, no matter what. Even if the owner changes, he must folow the described content in every case, and must not charge our members/clients for past or future use, if user does not agree. This is valid for TransNet and CargoNet free of charge cupons.

CARGOTRANS reserves the right to add or change the method of payment at any time without a prior warning.  

ARTICLE 5: Users obligation to assure the hardware and software

The user obligation is to assure the appropriate Hardware and Software to use services of CARGOTRANS on his costs and responsibility (Best viewed with browser: Internet Explorer 7.0,  or higher, we support also Mozzila, Firefox and others).

The user is also liable to assure the latest anti-virus and anti-spy program by his costs on the computer/s where he uses CARGOTRANS services.  

ARTICLE 6: Choice and security of Username and Password

User has to choose his own Username and Password so he could access to services of CARGOTRANS. User can change his Password any time he wants. For that reason appropriate Software is available on the server CARGOTRANS or related server.

User is obligated to treat carefully with Username and Password. CARGOTRANS does not take any responsibility for eventual abuses of the Username and Password. In case of abuse User himself can change the Username and notice the abuse to CARGOTRANS.

ARTICLE 7: Validity of information

User is responsible to update information. CARGOTRANS does not assume any kind of responsibility regarding invalid information.

ARTICLE 8: Privacy Policy

User is obligated to act with personal information according to a current legislation of Privacy Policy and ethical principals. All information on server CARGOTRANS or related server, are intended exclusively for consultation purpose regarding load/truck orders/offers. Any deviation from this purpose is not allowed.

CARGOTRANS is obligated to protect personal data according to legislation witch concerns Privacy Policy and assures the appropriate software. Your personal information collected during submission or later is stored in the password protected directory. Access is restricted to CARGOTRANS team. 

ARTICLE 9: Limitation of meting obligations 

If both Users have agreed to execute transport order with the use of electronic services CARGOTRANS, their obligation is to fulfill all legal and contracting liabilities. 

CARGOTRANS has a right to interfere and cancel further usage of electronic services to User, who violated the contract in a big manner. CARGOTRANS has also a right to forward that kind of information to other parties. 

Current terms of use published on CARGOTRANS site are served as a legal proof in case of Limitation of meeting obligation between the Users.  When User registers, the contract relationship begins. Electronic record is equal to autographic record. 

ARTICLE 10: Implementation of new services 

CARGOTRANS reserves the right to add new electronic services, change the content, and design of information system at any time. CARGOTRANS does not assume responsibility for loosing information by adding new services or changing the design. 

ARTICLE 11: Copyrights

User is obligated to protect intellectual property. User has no rights to copy any part of CARGOTRANS that goes also to source code. Any deviation from these act, is forbidden. 

ARTICLE 12: Final provisions

User can cancel the contract relationship at any time. User is not liable to extend the services and pay for further usage. If the user does not extend payable services in less than 3 days before the expiration, CARGOTRANS service will be disconnected by them selves. But CARGOTRANS is not obligated to return the fee for using the services even if user has cancelled the contract before the expiration.

In case the User has violated the articles of this agreement, CARGOTRANS has a right to exclusive cancellation of contracting relationship. 

CARGOTRANS does not warrant for the damage that could happened if you use electronic services CARGOTRANS, like the damage for loosing the profit, bankruptcy, insolvency or lost business contacts. even in case CARGOTRANS was previously noticed.

Slovenian courts and Novo mesto district is local and material competent for settling disputes. The present terms of use are subject to Slovenian law. 

Terms of use translated in other languages then Slovenian, are only for informational purpose.

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